Executive Coaching

Coaching + Leadership Development

The coaching conversation promotes reflection, self-discovery and openness. The time we spend together is an investment in your capabilities as a manager, leader or individual contributor. I am often retained to work with high potential leaders who can benefit from talking with a professional colleague outside of the immediate organization.

The best way to describe my style of coaching is that it is a way of being with another individual that promotes refection, self-discovery and openness to taking more effective actions. The coaching conversation creates a safe space in which present limitations or the desire for increased effectiveness can be examined and acted upon.

What is Coaching?

  • As a sounding board when making choices
  • As a partner in achieving business goals
  • To be your champion during a turnaround
  • As a trainer in communication and life skills
  • As a motivator when there is a call to action
  • As a beacon during stormy times
  • As a wake up call and mirror for self-examination 

When do you need a coach?

management issues, employee relations challenges, business challenges, team discord and team-building issues, communication challenges, executive development, personal fit within the organizational structure, short or long-term career development.

Include but are not limited to

Coaching Topics

Initial 1-2 hour intake session:
  • Identify specific areas for coaching
  • Clarify what success looks like
  • Administer Working Styles, DISC or Benziger assessment instruments
  • Behavioral Reports assessment and delivery
  • Address barriers to growth and change
  • Collaborate on the creation of meaningful action items
  • Follow up

Coaching Process 

To identify your natural gifts in the pursuit of what matters most and to remove obstacles to success.

Coaching Objective

We can integrate a 360 feedback survey and compare your results pre and post coaching.

Enhanced Coaching Opportunity

Based on the variety and nature of coaching sessions a fee will be established and agreed upon.

Coaching Options

We'll discuss:
  • Success and wins you've had
  • Problems you've faced and how you handled them
  • Advice you want about a situation
  • Insights and new awarenesses
  • Strategies you wish to develop

One-on-one in-person or phone-based coaching sessions.

How we do it

I will meet with you every week or every other week for one hour, usually by phone unless you are local. Choose from 8, 12, and 16 week packages. Contact Laura Moriarty (530) 307.0011 or Laura@TahoeTrainingPartners.com for more information.

Tahoe Training Partners coaching programs are designed specifically to meet your personal and professional needs.