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The problem is that most people don't know how to affirm each other's strengths, and they find it uncomfortable to confront each other directly about performance issues. They often find it easier to bring these things up to fellow team members, so the individual who needs the feedback never hears it. Also, when someone gets feedback from only one person, there's a tendency to discount the feedback as just a single opinion-whether the feedback is positive or constructive.

Feedback is essential for them to improve their performance.

They don't see themselves as others see them. For this reason, they often don't understand the impact their actions have on others. Although well-intentioned and hard-working, they may be the only ones who don't know they are causing problems.

Most people have "blind spots."

People need an efficient, confidential and anonymous vehicle for giving feedback to each other. State-of-the-art software can simplify the process of collecting multi-source (360) feedback for anyone in your organization.

  • 20/20 Insight GOLD is the world's most versatile feedback tool. With this system, you can set up surveys to collect virtually any type of feedback-ideas, opinions, impressions, ratings-from any number of people about the performance of an individual, a team or even your organization as a whole.

How can your organization encourage people to give and receive valuable feedback so they can perform at their best?

John was a newly promoted manager with a major utility company. With his new position, he inherited a team of 13 supervisors. Most were long-term employees, and John was much younger than most of his direct reports. Many of the supervisors thought they deserved the promotion and resented John's appointment.

He soon discovered that the performance of his supervisors was below par. He spent a lot of time working on relationships with each of them, clarifying service standards and trying to build a cohesive team. Despite his best efforts, John encountered resistance; and performance did not improve. He knew that the supervisors were unhappy, but he couldn't get them to talk about their dissatisfaction. When he learned about 20/20 Insight, he decided to use it to ask for feedback about his leadership practices. He hoped that the information gained would provide a basis for dialogue and team building.

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They want to know what's working and what isn't. They want to be part of solutions, not the cause of problems. They don't like having blind spots, and they want to know how to improve.

People who take a professional attitude toward their work want feedback.